Why diversity is important


Our world is changing.  New Zealand’s population is getting older and it is more culturally diverse than it has ever been.  Our workforce demographic is also changing driven by factors such as ageing population, immigration, the growing participation of women in the workforce and the emergence of people with disabilities as a significant talent pool.  Family structures are also changing.  There is an increase in single parent families and more prime aged workers who are supporting relatives at home needing care.  Caring responsibilities affect the majority of people in our workforce and these workers are looking for improved flexibility to allow them to succeed in in their jobs as they juggle multiple demands. 

Your Workforce

In order to attract the best and brightest, you need to rethink the way work is designed and delivered.   Business leaders everywhere recognise that a productive, talented and engaged workforce is critical to maintaining a profitable bottom line. The approach your organisation takes to your “people practices” i.e. the way you attract, recruit and develop your people will directly impact your organisation’s ability to grow and be competitive.  You need a workforce that reflects the customers you serve, leverages the best productivity and discretionary effort from your people and creates the best climate for innovation and forward thinking.

Your Customers and Clients

Not only is your workforce more diverse than it has ever been but so are your customers and clients.  In order to really understand your customers’ needs and provide them with the best outcomes, you need your employees to be able to interact effectively with whoever walks in your front door, phones your call centre or clicks on your website.  The best way to do this is to build an organisation which encourages a diverse and inclusive culture, and leverages diversity of thinking and innovation across the board.  

This is what Diversity and Inclusiveness is all about...

Diversity ensures that you have the right workforce in your organisation. 

Inclusiveness ensures that you leverage the diverse talent and thinking to best advantage.