Diversitas has a number of key relationships with the following organisations

Rainbow Tick

Between 7-10% of the workforce is estimated to fall under the Rainbow (LGBTTI) heading, yet many report that they still do not feel comfortable being out in the New Zealand workplace. The Rainbow Tick is the only programme in New Zealand specifically set up to help employers feel confident they have created a safe and welcoming work environment for staff from Rainbow communities, so people can bring the whole of themselves to work.


Carers NZ

Carers NZ was establish in the early 1990’s to provide information, advice and learning support to over 50,000 carers operating in New Zealand. The primary role of Carers NZ is to advocate awareness about carers, their role and their needs within New Zealand and internationally. Carers NZ actively participates in government reference and working groups and promotes the interests of family carers to decision makers in health, education, employment, social services, housing, transport and other important areas. Carers NZ is the secretariat for the NZ Carers Alliance of 45 national not-for-profit organizations and encompasses a number of specialist interest groups including (1) Young Carers New Zealand, (2) The Employment for Caring Coalition and (3) The Auckland Carers Alliance. Carers NZ also works closely with emerging national support networks for Maori Whanau Carers, Pasifika Carers and Carers from overseas that have recently settled in New Zealand.

University of Auckland 

Diversitas has partnered with Auckland University Business School to support our clients to participate in longitudinal research into the link between diversity and inclusiveness and bottom-line profitability.  We are currently working with the Associate Dean of Research for the University of Auckland Business School, Dr. Peter Boxall and Dr. Carla Houkamau who is a social psychologist, specialising in the areas of personal identity and diversity management. Dr. Boxall’s work examines the way in which management strategies affect employee wellbeing and organisational performance, while Dr. Houkamau is increasingly recognised for her research on diversity in New Zealand.

Possibility Kiwi Network 

The purpose of "Possibility" is to celebrate people with disabilities who personify optimism and courage on a daily basis as they work in roles which previously would not have been thought possible.  Many businesses take an individual approach to supporting people with disabilities. We will be showcasing these incredible people and forward thinking and community focussed organisations to show that anything is possible.

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New Zealand Asian Leaders 

New Zealand Asian Leaders (NZAL) is a professional organisation for Asian New Zealanders who are leaders and for high achieving Asians in New Zealand who aspire to become leaders. Our mission is to promote, educate and build a critical mass of top Asian leaders and emerging leaders in NZ who will have an active role in the future of New Zealand and promote cultural understanding in NZ’s diverse communities.

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