Our In.Action training series is designed to support your organisation in all aspects of diversity and help to drive inclusive behaviours throughout your workforce.  To truly improve an organisations culture, the key business leaders need to be part of the process.  Diversitas offers a range of training programs under the In.Action series, designed to help every level in your business understand the importance of diversity and start to promote more inclusive behaviours, free from unconscious bias. 

Aside from our In.Action series, we also design bespoke training solutions for our clients to meet their individual needs.

Our In.Action series includes:

Inclusiveness In.Action ™ - to raise awareness of and minimise the level of decision making based on unconscious bias to create a more inclusive work culture

Leaders In.Action ™ - an executive briefing session for Senior Managers to understand the business case for diversity and inclusiveness

Mentoring In.Action ™ - training for mentees and mentors to provide a framework for effective mentoring for results

Flexibility In.Action ™ - To increase awareness of work/life balance issues and increase the level of understanding of flexible work options

Generations In.Action ™ - to analyse and understand the unique generational make up of your workforce and apply effective measures to optimise workforce attraction, engagement and productivity across all age spectrums.

Recruiting for Diversity ™ - a review of your organisations sourcing and recruitment practices to equip your organisation to attract and engage the best talent from the widest possible pool.

Future Workforce ™ - This programme prepares managers working with diverse teams to align, achieve results and generate innovation across matrix, generations and cultures


case studies

Inclusiveness In Action 

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Inclusive Recruitment Practices

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Unconscious Bias

Scientific research has demonstrated that biases thought to be absent or extinguished remain as "mental residue" in most of us. Studies show people can be consciously committed to egalitarianism, and deliberately work to behave without prejudice, yet still possess hidden negative prejudices or stereotypes.Undertake the Harvard Implicit Association Test (IAT), the most effective online tool to gain greater awareness about one's own biases, preferences and beliefs.

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  • Carol from Diversitas helped us develop our Flexibility Toolkit, which included a policy and process as well as our Diversity and Inclusion policy. It has been great to be guided by templates which have already been developed and then adapted for our business. By not having to start from scratch this has saved us so much time and ensures we are meeting legislation as well as having a practical process to meet our needs. Really enjoy the Diversitas partnership approach so we all learn as we go.
    Sarah Mannion - Chief HR Officer
  • Inclusiveness In Action training was incorporated as part of a cultural transformation programme we are rolling out across our business. There were ah-ha moments for everyone (without exception) and the team have not stopped talking about it since! What’s more, they are actually putting it into practice.

    Everyone should do this training – highly, highly recommended.
    Libby Gormley - GM People and Culture – Go Car Finance
  • “The workshop helped me to understand what unconscious bias is and the workbook was easy to use. As a result of the workshop I intend to think more clearly about my decisions, be more open-minded and take time to stop and listen. The facilitator was very effective as were the group activities, which were useful to embed the learning.”
    Participant of Inclusiveness In.Action Training – large financial services company -
  • "I found all of the information in the Inclusiveness In.Action training really interesting, especially understanding how unconscious bias works and the difference between slow thinking and fast thinking. I would absolutely recommend the training to others, especially those involved in recruitment"
    Participant of Inclusiveness In.Action Training – large financial services company -
  • Diversitas supports us through the design, administration and analysis of our diversity surveys, which we run every two years. With their support and utilising our own internal capability we are able to conduct a professional survey at a low cost and with minimal disruption to the business.

    Diversitas successfully collaborates with a number of internal stakeholders throughout all stages of the process, which has resulted in maximum engagement and buy-in across the organisation. By analysing the survey results, Diversitas consultants are able to assist us in developing our 3 – 5 year diversity strategy. They are professional in their approach and responsive to our needs and this has resulted in an ongoing and long term relationship with them.
    Mervyn Smit - Downer Australia - Group Manager - Talent & Learning