Let's Measure What Really Matters

Essential to the development of any diversity strategy is to understand the key drivers, market trends and the demographic landscape in which our clients  operate and the potential impact some of these trends may have on their operating climate and sustainability. As an organisation therefore, we are therefore committed to supporting business led, evidence based research in the New Zealand market and globally to ensure that our services and products genuinely meet the needs of our New Zealand client base.

Much has been published about the potential benefits of having a more diverse and inclusive workforce.  There is strong evidence to suggest that a strong culture of inclusiveness has a significant impact on employee engagement and discretionary effort.  This having been said, the link between improved employee engagement and quantifiable financial benefits is less well understood.

To this end, Diversitas has partnered with Auckland University Business School to support our clients to participate in longitudinal research into the link between diversity and inclusiveness and bottom-line profitability.  We are currently working with the Associate Dean of Research for the University of Auckland Business School, Dr. Peter Boxall and Dr. Carla Houkamau  who is a social psychologist, specialising in the areas of personal identity and diversity management. Dr. Boxall’s work examines the way in which management strategies affect employee wellbeing and organisational performance, while Dr. Houhamoau is increasingly recognised for her research on diversity in New Zealand. 

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Take the Implicit Association Test to Understand your Unconscious Biases

“Scientific research has demonstrated that biases thought to be absent or extinguished remain as "mental residue" in most of us. Studies show people can be consciously committed to egalitarianism, and deliberately work to behave without prejudice, yet still possess hidden negative prejudices or stereotypes.Undertake the Harvard Implicit Association Test (IAT), the most effective online tool to gain greater awareness about one's own biases, preferences and beliefs.

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Diversity Awards and Accreditations

Diversitas works with clients to identify opportunities and prepare applications for Diversity awards. 

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