Our vision is to work with organisations to help you attract and engage a diverse workforce and fully leverage the competitive advantage that having a diverse and inclusive workforce can deliver


Our tailored approach ensures that the unique needs of each organisation are met in the development of our services.  Working across the whole of the employment lifecycle, from talent attraction through to leadership development and workforce engagement, we guide our clients to create their FUTURE WORKFORCE BY DESIGN.

We aim to contribute to NZ’s  economic strength by working with our clients to optimise workforce participation and profitability.

Everything we do follows an evidence based approach.  New Zealand has one of the highest rates of workforce participation in the OECD but one of the lowest productivity rates.  Research shows that by building a diverse and inclusive workplace, organisations can achieve increased engagement as well as improve discretionary effort.

This means that the services we deliver are researched and have been tried, tested and proved effective in other organisations.  This approach is strengthened by the relationships we have with partners like the University of Auckland, Diversity Council of Australia and Carers New Zealand.


When you work with us, you will find that we:

  • Care about the result as much as you do – we invest ourselves in the outcome

  • Provide innovative, straight-forward and accurate advice

  • Are pragmatic and commercially-focussed

  • Grow your learning and understanding by transferring knowledge to your people